AMPRO upgrades University Collections in Tampa to LED

AMPRO upgrades University Collections in Tampa to LED | 20180411 221604 resized

CBRE contacted AMPRO to improve lighting at University Collections in Tampa. This high-traffic shopping center requires proper lighting at night, as many of the college students from nearby USF frequent the Winn Dixie-anchored plaza. AMPRO was tasked with providing a solution to drastically increase lighting on the property without adding additional utility expenses.

Working closely with CBRE's property management team, AMPRO delivered a solution that significantly increases the shopping center's lighting. The proposed lighting plan will pay for itself in just a few years, maximizing the property's budget.

To achieve these results, AMPRO replaced eighteen (18) 1000-watt Spider Mount metal halide fixtures and forty (40) 400-watt building-mounted wall packs with thirty-six (36) 545-watt parking lot LED light fixtures and forty (40) 86-watt LED lighting fixtures.

Even though the new LSI LED fixtures doubled the number of parking lot light fixtures, CBRE can expect to see its power bills reduced by nearly 35% for the property. With the increase in light to provide safety for customers visiting the property and tenants occupying the spaces, the added benefit of reduced maintenance gave CBRE a solution that everyone is very pleased with.

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